TESL Canada Journal, Volume 25, Issue 2, 2008

Effects of Word Games, Culturally Relevant Songs, and Stories on Students' Motivation in a Nigerian English Language Class

Yetunde Ajibade, Kate Ndububa


This study investigated the extent to which word games and culturally relevant songs and stories could motivate senior secondary school students in Nigeria, thereby enhancing their performance in English. A pre-test/post-test control group design was used. The sample consisted of 100 senior secondary school II students randomly assigned into experimental and control groups. Four instruments were designed, validated, and used for data collection. Four hypotheses were formulated and tested. The findings revealed that the use of word games and culturally relevant instructional activities was beneficial for these students, as they served as an effective motivational strategy that contributed to better performance in English-language learning at the senior secondary school level.


Language education

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18806/tesl.v26i1.128

ISSN: 0826-435X
Online ISSN: 1925-8917 

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