TESL Canada Journal, Volume 29, Issue 2, 2012

Second-Language Education Policy in Quebec: ESL Teachers’ Perceptions of the Effects of the Policy of English as a Compulsory Subject at the Early Primary Level

Gerald Fallon, Natalie Rublik


This qualitative policy study focuses on the implementation and perceived effect of a recent language policy making English a compulsory subject in primary Cycle One (grades 1-2) in Francophone public schools in the province of Quebec. Based on the analysis of narratives from interviews with four teachers, three resource teachers, and two directors of instruction in charge of second-language teaching in public school boards, this policy study explored the perceptions, implementation,and effects of the policy regarding the compulsory teaching of ESL
at the early primary level.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18806/tesl.v29i2.1100

ISSN: 0826-435X
Online ISSN: 1925-8917 

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