TESL Canada Journal, Volume 28, Issue 1, 2010

Tinkering with tasks knows no bounds: ESL Teachers’ Adaptations of Task-Based Language-Teaching

John L. Plews, Kangxian Zhao


Research on implementing task-based language-teaching (TBLT) shows that adapting TBLT in ways that are inconsistent with its principles is common among nonnative-speaker English-as-a-foreign-language teachers. Our study of Canadian native-speaker English-as-a-second language teachers reveals how they also adapt TBLT in ways that are incongruent with its theoretical underpinnings, turning it into Presentation-Practice-Production. We thus question speaker identity as an indicator of a teacher’s propensity to adapt TBLT and call for professional development on the effective practice of TBLT for all English-language teachers regardless of their speaker identities.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18806/tesl.v28i1.1059

ISSN: 0826-435X
Online ISSN: 1925-8917 

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